Taco Bell, I see you

You may be thinking, “Obviously we see them. There are multiple locations in every town and the purple bell stands stark against the cream, beige, and tan you see everywhere.”

However, I think Taco Bell wants to be really seen. They’re that friend who is so desperate to hang out with you that they make themselves available any time of day. They’re not a quality friend. You don’t invite them to your wedding … or even most of your parties. You do hangout, though. Mostly while drunk at 2 am when you’re feel like making bad decisions. You both know you’re using them, but they continue to answer the door anyways.

Taco bell, I see you.

How, pray tell, did I come to this conclusion and where am I going with this?

Just look at this receipt. If it doesn’t scream “I need attention!” than I don’t know what does.

Here is the receipt with a cinnamon twist and a medium drink for scale.

When you’re competing with a drug store receipt, you might need some help

It continued with an interesting new product. We all know that Taco Bell uses the same 8 ingredients and combines them in new ways so that you might stop by again. I’m cool, look at my new pet rock! It’s the same re-fried beans in a tortilla you were going to order anyways, except now the sour cream is included and the lettuce is not. This was not exactly the case today.

The Loaded Nacho Taco comes with “seasoned red chips” inside and they actually tasted different! A completely new to Taco Bell flavor! I couldn’t believe my taste buds.

A new to Taco Bell flavor!

Before you get too excited, I didn’t say that this was a delicious new flavor. They kind of tasted like smokey salsa. They were also completely crumbled and didn’t add any crunch. In fact, before I looked it up on their website, I thought the thick red stuff on my taco was a seasoning that was applied to the beef. There was no cheese sauce until the very last bite. I couldn’t create that kind of precision if I tried; I really wish their employees wouldn’t.

How am I doing?
I’m popping antacids like candy and wishing I made better life choices.

My taco and I are spending some time together but we will likely be parted again shortly. Sometimes you just have to be reminded why you don’t hang out with certain “friends” too often.

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