Nany Mexican Grill Gorditas


Nany Mexican Grill Gorditas is a cute little cafe style eatery that offers about 12 tables that seat 4 each. The lighting is low and they have 2 large TVs serving you dramas in Spanish. The counter is in the back and as we approached, the lady at the register asked us if we were eating there or to go. My husband and I decided to eat there. They weren’t very busy on a Friday night around 5 pm, so we must have missed the rush. After choosing our table the cashier was also our waitress and brought us some menus.

The menu is very simple. Most of the items will set you back less than $3.00 but they have this crazy burger with a little bit of everything on it for $8. It looks promising so I will have to try it on another visit. Seeing a very traditional taco, I had one of each, pork and steak. My husband had the shredded burritos. We were planning on grabbing a drink afterward so we both just had water. This place does not serve alcohol.


There was a high pitch buzzing sound coming from the kitchen before we got our main dishes. The TVs were on silent and music played in the background. Thankfully the sound stopped in time to enjoy our dinner.

Chips and salsa as seen above are served while you wait. The red sauce packs a good amount of heat but maintains a good flavor. The green sauce tasted very typical with nothing to note.

This is one of the best Mexican food places we have been in awhile. Typically I like my tacos American style with a bunch of ingredients piled on like cheese and sour cream. These were simplistically delicious with onion and cilantro as the only toppings, except for a squeeze of lime. These were not spicy so feel free to dig in even if you are heat opposed. The same can’t be said about the shredded burritos. They packed their own punch that was somewhat less than the red sauce served with the chips, but definitely not mild. The marinade was delicious and the meat was extra tender. I can’t say enough good things about this place. Definitely worth a trip, and for less than $15 even after tip, it won’t break the bank. Win-Win.

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Obviously, Gorditas are in the name so I will be going back for another review soon!

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