MA Burgers & Shakes, S Elgin, IL

MA Burgers and Shakes looks a lot like a chain restaurant from the outside, but this fast-casual location actually has a lot of personality inside.

Located in the old Panera unit on Randall in S. Elgin, IL, these modern industrial digs pump out your typical semi-fast fare but in an interesting way.

First, you might notice the very simple menu. No combos, no complicated list of handheld foods to accompany an ever-lengthening list of different sandwiches and salads. Nope, they have burgers, 2 sides, and drink options.

Now don’t get me wrong, this does not mean you are without a choice. Instead, you will be presented with a delightful new mix of burger options including 2 types of meat-free burgers. Both the Beyond burger and the Impossible burger are available and can replace any meat patty on the list.

I decided for the first time through a burger place that I should get something simple; the most important part of a burger is the beef after all.

As the simple-burger-joint space is readily becoming crowded, a trend entering the midwest from the west coast, I can’t say this place has the most amazing burgers I’ve ever had. However, it was good. The meat was quality, the toppings were fresh, and the service was friendly. 

I came here to eat, so I tried both fries and onion rings, as well as a milkshake.  If you are looking for awe-inspiring shakes that are picture worthy, this place has you covered. Each shake is a mountain of toppings precariously stacked above a clear glass. Kids around me were practically screeching when the dessert drink reached the table.

I definitely recommend it. A great place for families or a date night. Be prepared as it will set you back more than popular fast-food chains, but the quality is better as well.

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