Instant Pot Duo Plus 60

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to finally have a pressure cooker.

The first time I truly saw one in action was at my husband’s grandparent’s house in Colorado. Grandma had made veggies and she had to let out the pressure with cold water in the sink. It seemed like quite the task, but she assured me it was one of her favorite kitchen staples.

I like to cook, I love to bake, and I absolutely love kitchen gadgets, but I don’t even use my slow cooker that much so I wasn’t sure it was the right thing for me. This was my second misconception about pressure cookers, that they do the same thing as a slow cooker, just faster. The first misconception was that pressure cookers were only for canning. I was dually wrong.

What truly brought me down the path that leads to buying a pressure cooker was actually the hunt for a rice maker. I love putting things on rice. However, I hate trying to cook rice on the stovetop. It either takes half an hour or it tastes gross (5 – minute rice anyone?).

As the hunt ensued, I became discouraged by the price and size of these rice machines. I can’t justify purchases that only do one thing, which is why I don’t own a fancy apple corer or anything at all to help me with garlic. Shelling out $30+ for a machine that literally only makes one item didn’t cut it.

My interests don’t stop there. I also tend to be into things hippies and hipsters like without the devout following. So while watching a couple move their home off-grid and make amazing vegan food, I noticed an item they mentioned all the time, the Instant Pot. In my head, I wondered if it cooked meat.

Lo and Behold it does cook meat! And beans, and rice, veggies, eggs, and cake!

All of a sudden my search for a multi-tasking rice cooker was complete.

After a lot of research, I came back every time to the Instant Pot. It had the most intuitive buttons, easy to read screen, and yet still leaves you with the opportunity to customize the pressure level and cooking time.

With my decision in hand, I went to WalMart again to pick up my quest (I absolutely needed the removable cord for storage), but alas, it was already sold out. Going back to Amazon, I realized that it was almost April and I could get the newest Instant Pot with more buttons. Sold! Only thing was I had to wait…

Finally, after nearly 3 weeks, my lovely pot showed up in my driveway. If you want to watch me breathlessly film the unboxing immediately after receiving it, check out my YouTube video HERE.

(story continues after the pictures)

If you are more of a picture person, check out the images below:

I can’t wait to get this bad boy going and make delicious recipes to share with you all.

Want to get your own Instant Pot Duo Plus 60? They’ve got ’em on Amazon and as of 4/19/17, there’s no wait! =)

Opinions are entirely my own. I am in no way affiliated with Instant Pot, but I am with Amazon. By purchasing items through the link(s) found in this article, you help me continue to make content.

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