Handmade Truffles for Christmas?

Every Friday I work from home. This means that bubby and I have the pleasure of sharing 2 – 3 meals with one another. For such occasions we walk to Elgin’s historic downtown or pop in the car for refreshments slightly further from the ole stomping grounds.

Al’s Cafe & Creamery is one of those places downtown and while I haven’t yet given them a full review on here, there is something I need you to know about before it is too late.

Handmade Truffles

Al’s Handmade Truffles!

That’s right, not some perfectly shaped, factory produced chocolates that every grocery store contains, albeit in their own pretty wrapper. These round chocolate delights have personality and delightful flavors!

While I tried to buy individual truffles, they’re only selling them in prepackaged sets of 8. There looks to be 3-4 flavors. As I write this post I have only enjoyed 2 of these, and trust me, it’s been a struggle to not eat them all in one sitting. Supposedly, 4 are to be eaten by my bubby, but I’m not so certain that I want to do any of this “sharing” of which he is so fond.

For your viewing pleasure, some photos and a video of the truffles. If they don’t look delicious, it’s because I am bad at camera-ing. If they don’t look perfect, that’s because an individual took the time to make them by hand, instead of using a machine which I absolutely love. These would make a great gift!

I have not received any compensation nor have I been asked to write about this in any way. I just love food and want to share my experiences.

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