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Birthday parties are good, bar hopping with friends is good, but do you know what else is good? Food, and the food at Elgin Public House (EPH) is not only good, it’s stick to your bones – eat until you can’t move, good.

This was not my first time at EPH and most certainly won’t be my last, but this particular night I actually remembered to bring out my phone for a few candid shots of my meal. The night was young so my husband and I (yes, we do practically everything together, we are “that couple”) shared a delicious burger with the all too delicious cajun fries.

The burger you are currently drooling over is the EPH Kobe. A perfectly soft yet hardy bun carrying a Kobe beef patty, red pepper aioli, Asian Slaw, Vidalia Sweet Onion, and a Soft-Fried Egg.

I’m not even a fan of those toppings traditionally but I can tell you that the burger comes together well.

When I am not splitting my dinner, the freedom to eat what I want comes with a dilemma between the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, a Build-Your-Own-Burger where I pile it high with cheese, bacon, and onion crisps, or the EPH Mac N Cheese.

The mood is relaxed, with large screens, and they have a great beer selection with a rotating tap. If you are looking for a quiet dinner away from the big screens, head upstairs to what is known as Pub 217 and grab a candlelit table or enjoy a glass at the bar.

Burgers range from $9 – $18+ and of course you will want to get an appetizer.

Oh, wait, I didn’t tell you about the appetizers? Get the fried pickles! These aren’t your typical soggy mess of sandwich pickles dripping with grease and bread crumbs. These are dill spears double coated and fried to a crisp and served with a house made horseradish thousand island. The midwestern in me says skip it and get the ranch, but I’ve been told the provided sauce is a treat and if you aren’t me you’ll probably like it, a lot.

So now that I’ve told you all about it head over to Elgin Public House 219 E. Chicago St., Elgin IL 60120. There is a free parking garage right across the street and if you don’t want to wait, they will take reservations.

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