Brick’s Wood Fired Pizza – Elgin, IL

S Grove Ave is quickly becoming the place to be on a Friday night. We’ve got pizza, sushi, burgers, bars, and pop-ups. Let’s focus on the pizza.

Brick’s is new to town but not the area. Elgin has many pizza places each good at something different, so I wasn’t all that impressed to hear another one was moving into town. I really want to see our downtown fill in with long term tenants, not someone looking to make a quick buck only to realize that you can’t just bring any food to the market and call it a good business decision.

Alright, rant over, because, Brick’s is anything but!
Delicious, unique pies with great recipes, a freakin’ cool oven and the nicest staff. I’ve been here multiple times for events, dinner with friends, and dates; they nail it every time.

Donna’s Italian Combo
Freakin’ Cool Oven

They even took part in Munch Madness 2019, entering their Sunnyside Up pizza. You’ve heard of pizza for breakfast, but how about breakfast pizza for dinner? No matter which way you slice it, you’re eating eggs on your pizza and you won’t be disappointed.

Sunnyside Up

So wood fired pizza feels like a fad right now and you’re not interested in the trip for just another pizza, I get it. However, you don’t even need a pizza to walk away more than satisfied. Just check out these photos of appetizers and sandwiches you’re sure to want to try.

Meatballz Sandwich
Always changing – ask for the zuppa del giorno

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